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Druids Dawning


Mitch Walker is the newest member of The Order.  He receives 2 gifts that he fights to master.  One of these gifts shows him the private desires of his coworker Jill Reese, the woman every man in the office would like to have.  Jill has a secret desire for Mitch, and this knowledge distracts the young Druid from mastering his gifts.


As Mitch practices with his gifts, and feelings for Jill, a serial killer stalks the streets of Boston.  He kills at each full moon, in different areas of the city.  The Druids learn that the killer is conducting a dark ritual that will plunge the whole world into chaos if completed.  Mitch has an added stake in stopping the madman.  He knows that Jill will be the final victim, and she'll be the lucky one if the Druids can't stop the killer.


Druids Dawning is a FREE download. This is my gift to you, the reader, and my way of introducing you to my stories, and my Druids.  Click the PDF icon below the cover to download. Enjoy.




Here Be Dragons



Jill Reese joins the ranks of The Order. In a beautiful ritual, she binds herself in marriage to her teacher, and lover, Mitch Walker. As they sleep during their wedding night, Mitch has a fore-sight dream in which he sees a dragon arriving in New England. A dragon that becomes a lovely woman.


Durinllew is from the world of Dragon-Kind. Powerful, beautiful, and naive about the modern world, she has come in answer to the ancient call of the Druids. The problem is, none of the Druids know what she is talking about. The hunt is on to discover who called the strange woman, and why.


Kolsomon is also of Dragon-Kind. Stripped of his dragon, and banished to our world, he longs for revenge against his own people. If he can steal a dragon from one of his own race, he can enslave the world, and finish the war he started long before history began. 


The Druids will need all their gifts, including Jill's new ability to become a ghost, if they are to protect Durinllew, and our world.

Imp Portent

Professor Jessica Price, teacher of archeology and anthropology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Priestess to the Druids, receives a strange stone artifact from a college in Scotland. She takes the oddly carved stone to the Mistress of Languages, Eiler. The translation deepens the mystery but the Priestess has no time to investigate. Brigh is having problems controlling her gift, and the Priestess must help.


An accident during training releases a small glowing creature from the stone box. The Druids try to capture the buzzing light, but it plays a number of tricks on them. In pursuit of the being, Falnon discovers a small boy in the woods. That boy becomes the light, and plays more tricks on Falnon before escaping to Boston.


The Druids are in a desperate search to find the powerful child before his mayhem pulls the city apart. During their search they learn where the boy comes from, and exactly what he is. They have to find him and stop his impish actions before the chaos gets out of hand. The Priestess will also have to make a heart breaking decision if she is to protect others from the dangerous imp.


Detective Sean Wallace is called back from leave to handle a missing persons case. He is not ready for the strange stones that are found in place of the missing people. When one of the stones uses some type of power to throw him across the room, he knows he will need the help of his fellow Druids to solve the mystery, so Lang calls the Order together.


While the Druids decide their course of action, a weird quintet of people are roaming Boston, searching for something. They look like the missing people, and they are trying to not be noticed. They need to find a home for themselves and the rest of their kind.


The Druids are faced with a race of beings that can take on human form, looking for a home, and have selected ours as their best prospect. These creatures can leave people paralyzed if they want, and can hypnotize crowds with their strange singing. An invasion seems imminent, and only the Druids can stop it.

Tempus Infractus

A congressman is stabbed to death in front of a dozen witnesses, and no one saw the killer or the knife. When Lang asks the Druids for their help, they discover the killer is a serial killer, executed in Texas. Somehow, the man moves so fast, that only the most advanced video cameras can catch him, then only when the playback is slowed to a standstill.


The Druids hunt a man that can exist in a single moment of time. He kills with impunity, and no one can see him. The killer is using powerful magic, and someone taught it to him. After a second death, Lang discovers the common factor between the congressman and the second victim. Galnor is on the hit list. They must protect their oldest member.


When the killer makes his attempt on Galnor, Falnon gets in the way. In the fight to save his friends and wife, Falnon passes through time to the distant past. The doorway he moved through remains and is starting to grow. If the Druids cannot find a way to close it, the world will vanish in a collision of the past and future.


Every culture on earth has them. For all of recorded human history, and beyond, the stories have been told. There is not a corner of the earth where the creatures of the night, the undead, the vampire has not been a cause of fear and loathing. It is one of the most common themes in our collective memories, and the source of the stories is a mystery.


While investigating some apparent animal attacks in western Massachusetts, Lang discovers tracks that look all too human at the attack sites. After confirming, they are not known animal tracks, he and the other Druids travel to the backwoods in an attempt to find the creatures, and possibly rescue survivors of the attacks. They have come loaded for battle, and bring a secret weapon with them.


The source of the vampire legends attack them in the night, and a reckoning is due. The Priestess plans to force the creatures to return to where ever they came from. Only then do the Druids learn a secret that must never be told, or chaos would encompass the entire globe. They learn a terrifying truth, and the trick evolution played on us all.

The Sisters Forrest

Somewhere across the border between Canada and Maine, a river starts. This river flows to the Atlantic Ocean with only one change in its course. Deep in the untouched forest of Maine, the river flows around an enormous island. That is how the river gets its name, The Split River. And the island is Split River Island. Nearby is Split River Village where people live a simple, quiet life in harmony with the unspoiled land.


Vincent Von Horn, a speculative investor from New York has a report showing vast, untapped wealth beneath Split River Island. He wants that wealth, and with a private army and enough money to buy countries at his disposal, he intends on taking it. He does not care about the people, the land, or the forest, he simply wants to increase his wealth and no one and nothing will stand in his way.


Unfortunately for Mr. Von Horn, April and May Forrest live on the island. It is their home, and has been their family’s responsibility for more than 400 years. Their ancestors made a promise to an extinct tribe of Native Americans, and the sisters do not plan to break that promise. There is magick on the island, and the two witches will do whatever they must to protect the island, the surrounding forest, and the village.


Vincent Von Horn is in for a fight like he has never seen before.


Thousands of years ago, before history began, she came. In the land we now call Wales, Cerridwyn worked her spells and magic in a time of wizards and enchanters. The daughter of a goddess and a mortal, her deeds and legends are still spoken to this very day, and her beauty is beyond compare. She has lived long, and now in 21st century Glendale Arizona, Cerridwyn and her familiar Solmnok enjoy a quiet life.


Elen Tyler has worked for the Glendale Police Department for eight years and is overjoyed at her upcoming promotion to Lieutenant. Happy thoughts aside, the strange death of Damien Cooper, heir to the Cooper Family fortune takes priority and Elen must come up with an answer. A chance encounter with the beautiful Cerridwyn opens Elen’s world to a new, terrifying and magical realm that she does not believe possible.


Someone has summoned a Vengeance Demon, and Damien Cooper is only the first victim. Together, Cerridwyn and Solmnok must prepare to fight the demon, save the intended victims, and the summoner before the demon can complete its task. Add to that, they have to protect and teach Elen about herself and her true nature. If they fail, a demon will be free to roam the earth, killing at will, with nothing to stop it.

Cerridwyn is available at Amazon.

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