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Changelings NeoDruids #4

Changelings NeoDruids #4

Detective Sean Wallace is called back from leave to handle a missing persons case. He is not ready for the strange stones that are found in place of the missing people. When one of the stones uses some type of power to throw him across the room, he knows he will need the help of his fellow Druids to solve the mystery, so Lang calls the Order together.

While the Druids decide their course of action, a weird quintet of people are roaming Boston, searching for something. They look like the missing people, and they are trying to not be noticed. They need to find a home for themselves and the rest of their kind.

The Druids are faced with a race of beings that can take on human form, looking for a home, and have selected ours as their best prospect. These creatures can leave people paralyzed if they want, and can hypnotize crowds with their strange singing. An invasion seems imminent, and only the Druids can stop it.
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