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Devolution NeoDruids #6

Devolution NeoDruids #6

Every culture on earth has them. For all of recorded human history, and beyond, the stories have been told. There is not a corner of the earth where the creatures of the night, the undead, the vampire has not been a cause of fear and loathing. It is one of the most common themes in our collective memories, and the source of the stories is a mystery.

While investigating some apparent animal attacks in western Massachusetts, Lang discovers tracks that look all too human at the attack sites. After confirming, they are not known animal tracks, he and the other Druids travel to the backwoods in an attempt to find the creatures, and possibly rescue survivors of the attacks. They have come loaded for battle, and bring a secret weapon with them.

The source of the vampire legends attack them in the night, and a reckoning is due. The Priestess plans to force the creatures to return to where ever they came from. Only then do the Druids learn a secret that must never be told, or chaos would encompass the entire globe. They learn a terrifying truth, and the trick evolution played on us all.
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