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Here Be Dragons NeoDruids #2

Here Be Dragons NeoDruids #2

Jill Reese joins the ranks of The Order. In a beautiful ritual, she binds herself in marriage to her teacher, and lover, Mitch Walker. As they sleep during their wedding night, Mitch has a fore-sight dream in which he sees a dragon arriving in New England. A dragon that becomes a lovely woman.

Durinllew is from the world of Dragon-Kind. Powerful, beautiful, and naive about the modern world, she has come in answer to the ancient call of the Druids. The problem is, none of the Druids know what she is talking about. The hunt is on to discover who called the strange woman, and why.

Kolsomon is also of Dragon-Kind. Stripped of his dragon, and banished to our world, he longs for revenge against his own people. If he can steal a dragon from one of his own race, he can enslave the world, and finish the war he started long before history began.

The Druids will need all their gifts, including Jill's new ability to become a ghost, if they are to protect Durinllew, and our world.
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