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Imp Portent NeoDruids #3

Imp Portent NeoDruids #3

Professor Jessica Price, teacher of archeology and anthropology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Priestess to the Druids, receives a strange stone artifact from a college in Scotland.  She takes the oddly carved stone to the Mistress of Languages, Eiler. The translation deepens the mystery but the Priestess has no time to investigate. Brigh is having problems controlling her gift, and the Priestess must help.

An accident during training releases a small glowing creature from the stone box. The Druids try to capture the buzzing light, but it plays a number of tricks on them. In pursuit of the being, Falnon discovers a small boy in the woods. That boy becomes the light, and plays more tricks on Falnon before escaping to Boston.

The Druids are in a desperate search to find the powerful child before his mayhem pulls the city apart. During their search they learn where the boy comes from, and exactly what he is. They have to find him and stop his impish actions before the chaos gets out of hand. The Priestess will also have to make a heart breaking decision if she is to protect others from the dangerous imp.
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