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Tempus Infractus NeoDruids #5

Tempus Infractus NeoDruids #5

A congressman is stabbed to death in front of a dozen witnesses, and no one saw the killer or the knife. When Lang asks the Druids for their help, they discover the killer is a serial killer, executed in Texas. Somehow, the man moves so fast, that only the most advanced video cameras can catch him, then only when the playback is slowed to a stand still.

The Druids hunt a man that can exist in a single moment of time. He kills with impunity, and no one can see him. The killer is using powerful magic, and someone taught it to him. After a second death, Lang discovers the common factor between the congressman and the second victim. Galnor is on the hit list. They must protect their oldest member.

When the killer makes his attempt on Galnor, Falnon get's in the way. In the fight to save his friends and wife, Falnon passes through time to the distant past. The doorway he moved through remains, and is starting to grow. If the Druids cannot find a way to close it, the world will vanish in a collision of the past and future.
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