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The Sisters Forrest

The Sisters Forrest

Somewhere across the border between Canada and Maine, a river starts. This river flows to the Atlantic Ocean with only one change in its course. Deep in the untouched forest of Maine, the river flows around an enormous island. That is how the river gets its name, The Split River. And the island is Split River Island. Nearby is Split River Village where people live a simple, quiet life in harmony with the unspoiled land.

Vincent Von Horn, a speculative investor from New York has a report showing vast, untapped wealth beneath Split River Island. He wants that wealth, and with a private army and enough money to buy countries at his disposal, he intends on taking it. He does not care about the people, the land, or the forest, he simply wants to increase his wealth and no one and nothing will stand in his way.

Unfortunately for Mr. Von Horn, April and May Forrest live on the island. It is their home, and has been their family’s responsibility for more than 400 years. Their ancestors made a promise to an extinct tribe of Native Americans, and the sisters do not plan to break that promise. There is magick on the island, and the two witches will do whatever they must to protect the island, the surrounding forest, and the village.

Vincent Von Horn is in for a fight like he has never seen before.
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