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Back Again

Man oh man, what a difference a year makes. Lark's Library had to go on the back burner for a bit. I lost a very good day job last March, and I'm only now to the point of recoving from it. Being out of work for six months, spending all my savings, and severance pay, and then ending up on unemployment, while looking for work, meant all writing acivity had to be put on hold. It sucked.

But now, I'm back. I intend to make more of this site, and my stories. The third NeoDruids story is curretly under going proofing and editing. I hope to release it very soon. The fourth story is in progress, and a separate stand alone novel is also in the works. I have designes on more NeoDurids stories, and other novels and short stories out side of the series.

My photography work is coming along well, and soon I hope to add Lark's Lens to this site. Hope you all like shots of the desert, dogs, and my poor attempts at art photography. Fortunately, now that I have a day job as a technical writer, I'm getting lots of practice on my writing, and I have more time to focus on writing and photography.

It is great, not having to carry a phone with me all the time. I'm no longer working long hours building servers and databases for managers and directors that have no clue how to actually do that. And it has been almost a year now since I've had to answer the phone at one in the morning, for some stupid question about why the database is running slow. I have discoverd that sleep, is a truely marvelous experience. Not to mention, my Sweetie is really enjoying getting to know the real me, not the working stiff with no time to spend with her.

So, keep reading my friends, and keep watching this space for updates and news about my upcoming releases. As always, I look forward to your feed back. Watch for me on Tumblr and Google+.

Lark LaTroy

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