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The Hair Cut By Lusty Soul A review

There are some stories that just need to be told, and some characters that need a story. Lusty Soul has taken the concept of the Succubus and added an intensity that makes the character an enjoyable read. I have read another story by Lusty that deals with this theme, and the way Lusty handles the creature is far more enjoyable than the mythical tales we all know. Like my own stories where an old myth gets a new coat of paint, Lusty has turned the Succubus inside out, making the creature an alluring, desirable tryst.

The story opens with Lucy, our succubus, getting her hair done. Lucy has an intense interest in her hairdresser, Elbe. The sexual tension starts in the first paragraph, and Lusty turns the heat up to high as the story progresses. Lucy also talks directly to the reader, something seldom done in short stories, but a refreshing change that should be pursued by more writers. Best of all, the dialog between characters is real, like real people talking to each other.

Elbe has an older brother, the Lusty writes as the quintessential dick. He is a raving fundy, (fundamentalist Christian), and seems to delight in berating his sister every chance he gets. There is clearly a secret that we are not privy to at the start of the story, and without giving too much away, when it is explained, it makes the story even more interesting. I will say that Elbe’s brother gets his in the end, in an almost anti-climactic way. Still, it does not detract from the story at all.

When it comes to the sex though, Lusty really shines. This is no poorly written attempt at a story only slightly above porn. Lusty uses just the right words in the right order to help the reader feel the passion. It is delightful to read a sex scene, and not be bombarded with vulgar language, and the same old descriptions of body parts. This story does not dwell deeply on the act of sex, but instead, focuses on the tension leading up to the act, and the sensations of the characters involved. It is uncommon to read, refreshing when it is found and done right. This story does it right.

In all, “The Hair Cut” is a fascinating little story about a Succubus and her latest conquest. It touches on modern themes, and addresses some of the bigotry and hateful attitudes so prevalent in the news today. The way Lusty Soul deals with the bigotry, and its source, gave me reason to smile in a big way. The characters say exactly what a lot of people in this world need to hear, today. Not from a book, or story, but from real people, in their face, and not backing down.

This is a short story, only 29 pages in five easy to read chapters. I read the story over a few lunch hours at work. You could easily read this story in under an hour in a single sitting. The story is good, the characters fresh, the dialog realistic, and the outcome totally expected but not boring. I strongly recommend this story to any connoisseur of the erotic and magical. If you want to read a cute, red hot story that makes the Succubus an entertaining creature, pick up a copy of “The Hair Cut”.

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