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"Groan" Unemployment Sucks

Yeah, here I am again. Unemployed and starting to stress about the bills and all. There are many advantages to being a contract consultant in the IT industry, there is a lot of work. The down side is that contracts end, and it takes time to find another to keep the bills paid. Still, in all, I like the contract work of the abuse I have suffered when a full time employee. It is getting to where you cannot trust anyone these days.

On the writing front though, life is pretty good. I'm about half way through my next novel, and will be starting work on NeoDruids Book 7: Irrelevant. This will be the only stand alone NeoDruids novel, I have no plans for another in the series. It is a story I really want to tell, and it is more involved and longer than the usual Druids adventure. The best part of the story though is, I am bringing back Durinllew and the dragon-kind. I had always planned the the dragons would have recurring roles in the stories, and it is about time I got to it.

There are some other changes happening on the home front, but I have to save that for another post at a later date. I also took on the role of Publicity and Social Media Manager for The Phoenix Writers Club. A great group of people, and a club that has been in continuous operation since 1926. Yeah, I know, I get to handle the social media and publicity for a 91 year old organization. I'm kind of happy.

So as you can see, I'm keeping busy even as I search for another job/contract. I have a few nibbles right now, and hopefully something will come through quickly. I guess you could say this is my friendly reminder to all the other would be authors out there. You will not get rich writing, unless you are extremely lucky. Have a good day job and rely on that, not your book sales. I'm not giving up on my stories, but I have to be practical.

So remember, keep reading, write the stories YOU like, and post reviews for those authors you do read.

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